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Reducing temperature and pressure bypass


    Temperature and pressure reduction device is used to regulate steam pressure and temperature of the important devices. In many cases, due to process requirements or equipment reasons, the pressure and temperature control is essential, through the temperature and pressure reduction device can be obtained in line with the conditions of the power steam. Temperature and pressure reduction device is widely used in thermal power plants, petrochemical industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical and other industries, in order to meet the needs of different conditions, our company provides different types of temperature and pressure relief devices.

    Implementation of the standards: NB / T 47033-2013 "temperature and pressure relief device"

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    Please provide:

    1. Import and export of steam pressure, temperature, and the export of steam flow;

    2. Valve control (pneumatic, electric, hydraulic), the role of the form (gas open, gas off);

    3. Air pressure available on site;

    4. Solenoid valve voltage, stroke switch capacity requirements of the annex.