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Turbine speed off valve hydraulic control device

  • Turbine speed off valve four choose a hydraulic control device
  • Turbine speed off valve four choose a hydraulic control device
  • Turbine speed off valve four choose a hydraulic control device
  • Turbine speed off valve four choose a hydraulic control device

Speed control device is to achieve the normal start and stop the turbine, electric and manual emergency shutdown, quick-closing valve and emergency circuit breaker automatically linked to the extraction of off-speed valve to open and close a hydraulic device. In order to increase the safety, the speed control device is also equipped with a redundant system of electric emergency stop.

The above functions are respectively realized by basic module, redundant module, starting module and extraction module. At the same time, in the device reserved for the electro-hydraulic converter interface to facilitate the steam turbine valve supply. According to the requirements of customers, the reserved interface of the electro-hydraulic converter can be directly interfaced with the VOITH electro-hydraulic converter, and also can be an interface with the WOODWARD electro-hydraulic converter.

We can provide any combination of various types of speed control devices to better meet your needs. Redundant modules can only choose one of two options (basic type), one of three options and four options, can not be superimposed by two. The remaining modules can be any combination.

Speed control device

Based on the basic model, the conventional redundant module consisting of two solenoid valves is replaced with a redundant module consisting of four stop solenoid valves. It can effectively stop any one of the shut-off solenoid valves from downtime due to the cause of the malfunction, including the reason that the control cables may be up to several hundred meters. At the same time according to the control device provided on the pressure measurement interface, with the interface pressure indication changes, accurately determine the faulty solenoid valve. And in the case of non-stop, on-line electromagnetic fault replacement. This further ensures the safety of the steam turbine.

Model: SSB-5-A-24VDC-x (4) For turbines with emergency circuit breaker

           SSB-5-A-24VDC-x (4) -S For turbines without critical circuit breaker

The X indicates whether the electromagnetism is shut down or not. When X is 0, when the turbine is running, the electromagnetism shut-down valve is not electrified. When X is 1, the electromagnetism valve is electrified when running.

Technical Parameters:

● medium: mineral oil

● media filtration accuracy: ≤ 30μm

● medium pressure: 0.5 ~ 1.2MPa

● medium temperature: -10 ~ 70 ℃

● Solenoid valve power: 24VDC (according to customer requirements, provide other solenoid valve power)

● Body dimensions: 250 × 250 × 370 (not including the size of the rack)