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Oil turbo disc hydraulic control module

  • Oil turbo disc hydraulic control module
  • Oil turbo disc hydraulic control module

1. Structure function

● The crank control device is mainly composed of a mass body, a solenoid valve 1000, a manual valve 2000, a two-way cartridge valve 3000, a two-way cartridge valve opening adjustment rod 3001, a pressure switch 4000, an on-line pressure measuring connector P00, and the like . It is used to drive the worm gear on the steam turbine rotor.

● Solenoid valve 1000 is used to start and stop the remote control car.

● Manual valve 2000 for on-site car starting and stopping.

● Two-way cartridge valve 3000 for pressure oil on and off.

● Two-way cartridge valve opening adjustment lever 3001 is used to adjust the opening degree of the cartridge valve 3000 so as to change the speed of the crank speed.

● Pressure switch 4000 is used to indicate the condition of the crank car.

● online pressure measuring connector P00 available special pressure measuring tools, online testing of hydraulic pressure value.

2 technical parameters

Working pressure: 0.8-1.2 MPa

● medium: mineral oil

● medium precision: ≤ 30μm

● medium temperature: -10 ~ 80 ℃

● solenoid valve power: user set

● Flange connection: Pg25 / Dg80 JB82

3. Model Description


          ⑴    ⑵   ⑶   

⑴ crank control device code.

⑵ A: remote control car from the car, stop.

⑶ connection flange diameter