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Hydraulic top shaft device

  • Hydraulic top shaft device
  • Hydraulic top shaft device
  • Hydraulic top shaft device
  • Hydraulic top shaft device


Turbine generator sets the top shaft oil system is designed to avoid dry friction occurs when cranking to prevent the journal and bearing damage each other.

The device is mainly used to provide high-pressure oil to each bearing of the unit during starting, stopping and turning of the unit, forcing the journals of each shaft to forcibly lift to make a static pressure oil film with the bearing to eliminate the dry friction between the journal and the bearing , Reduce crank torque.

The system is generally equipped with two 100% capacity top-axis pump, turbine and generator bearings to ensure that the reliable operation of the system, a reliable source of oil. Two top-axis pump running, a spare. The system uses stainless steel pipe, stainless steel valves and accessories, after the top shaft oil system is out of operation, the system can be used to measure the bearing oil film pressure to understand whether the bearing operation is normal, so each way the top shaft oil pipeline configuration check valve and Pressure gauge.

The flow and pressure of the top axle oil system are designed according to the requirements of the unit. Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the top shaft oil system, A1-A6 pressure oil to the unit bearings.


2,model description


3,structural function

● The top shaft device is mainly composed of a set block body, a motor, an oil pump, a coupling, a relief valve, a check valve, an adjustable flow valve, a pressure gauge, a ball valve, a bracket and the like May change). The utility model is used for lifting the rotor through the high-pressure oil when turning the steering wheel so that the rotor does not directly contact with the bearing pad to reduce the friction force. Also prevent bearing damage.

● Motor and pump are connected by rubber coupling. With compensation for two-axis relative deviation of the function.

● relief valve to adjust the oil pump outlet pressure.

● Adjustable flow control valves can adjust the outlet flow of each shaft of the top shaft device and cut off the outlet passage of each way.

● local pressure gauge measuring the pressure of the oil.