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Jiaxing Expert mechanical technology co., LTD was founded in 2003, is located in the southeast coast of the Yangtze river delta economic developed area of Jiaxing city, zhejiang province economic development zone, large areas of financial, service and manufacturing industry has been developing rapidly, the world and China has many well-known enterprises, hand in photograph reflect traditional and innovative economy, culture and education of science and technology development has a long history, beautiful environment overflowing humanism spirit, the Chinese history of the world famous economic artery - one thousand ancient canal passing through, the smooth modern land, sea and air transportation is convenient, the society changes with each passing day revitalized.

Company belongs to the national high and new technology enterprise, the specialty is engaged in the turbine machinery supporting product development, manufacturing and sales, mainly for the Chinese hangzhou steam turbine co., LTD., Shanghai steam turbine factory, shenyang turbine co., LTD., and other well-known enterprises to provide products and technical services, more sets of products with all kinds of turbomachinery host, at home and abroad are widely used in petrochemical, chemical, natural gas chemical industry, steel, building materials, electricity, distributed energy and other industries, in the field of professional market, segment with high visibility and product reputation.